Hey There,

I am a 1st year PhD student at UCL, London working with Prof. Niloy J.Mitra. I work on 3D Content Generation.

I completed my B.E Hons Computer Science and Engineering from BITS Pilani Goa, did my UnderGradThesis at Laboratory of Mathematics of Imaging, Psychiatry NeuroImaging Laboratory Harvard Medical School, under Prof. Yogesh Rathi. After that I worked at Big Data and Analytics department of @WalmartLabs where I work on Statistical as well big data problems.

Some of my Previous Publications:

  1. SeeThrough: finding chairs in heavily occluded indoor scene images(3DV 2018)

  2. Joint Multi-Fiber NODDI Parameter Estimation and Tractography Using the Unscented Information Filter(Frontiers of NeuroScience)

  3. Selective Visualization of Anomalies in Fundus Images via Sparse and Low Rank Decomposition(Siggraph 2014)

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